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Enyo to conduct training workshop in Water, Sanitation & Hygiene techniques

So, as a member of the BCB team, I have to just relate to all our readers how proud I am that Enyo’s vision and passion to help those less fortunate is coming to fruition. With funding from a recent grant she is traveling to Togo soon to teach 6 elected village women in WASH (water sanitation & hygiene) techniques which she learned at the Global Women’s Water Initiative 2010 conference in Ghana some months ago. For phase 2 of this water project, we will be following up with the building of a solar-powered well in Koussougba, but the training and work shop is the critical part whereby Enyo will not only be teaching sanitation techniques but empowering village women and instilling accountability, purpose and ownership in all projects going forward. She is a true visionary and will be undertaking a huge task for which she will need much support. Please follow her progress. She will be keeping us updated with pictures and videos and her blog posts on the website. Your support, now more than ever, is needed in the way of blog comments, Facebook messages, and if possible donations. But especially during the holiday time, it’s nice to be aware that good things are happening and one by one, bridges are being built. Congratulations Enyo. You are a true visionary and your work is always appreciated.


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