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Walk of Shame

This is Liz reporting on behalf of Enyo who just finished conducting the WASH training where 6 elected women were trained in water, sanitation and hygiene practices. It was a week long training that culminated in the women then going to their respective villages and educating their fellow villagers on what they had learned.   This is what happened:

BCB’s Women Leader Amina Adoh conducting the WALK OF SHAME in her village to help raise awareness of the dangers of open defecation and the need to use dug pits or latrines and adopting sanitary practices! She was impressive, and passionate as she had understood during BCB training that she and all her fellow villagers were eating each other’s feces, since flies land on their food after landing on uncovered human waste! And she shared this fact with her fellow villagers; they were all disgusted by the old practice and looking forward to changing it! Educate one woman and she will change her entire village.

Amina conducting the WALK OF SHAME in Madjamakou (three pictures above).

After BCB’s WASH training, the three newly elected Women Leaders return to their community with BCB’s support to encourage them, and began educating their community on the simple technologies that they learned. Our women leaders here are speaking to their village about the importance of sanitation and hygiene and what it is and means since most of them had never before heard those terms or had been taught the technologies. The next steps were inviting the village to create strategies of how they will implement sanitary and hygienic practices in their village as an entire village and together! Earlier during the day, these same women leaders also conducted the Walk of Shame in their villages. It was a beautiful and motivating sight to behold. The power of education is one of the greatest gifts that one human being can give or share with another!

After a week of trekking through the villages, all the dust has exacerbated Enyo’s asthma so she’s in the capital city, Lome, visiting with the well company and hoping to set up a start date for Phase 2 of the water project which is the building of a solar powered well in Koussougba.  No rest for the weary.


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