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Recap: 3rd Day of WASH Training

The third day was the most saturated day of the training.  The team had
decided the day before to begin a little earlier for this day, so we would
be able to have morning review time.  At 6:30 am, the participants arrived
and we began with one hour of recap and revision before breakfast.  I really
do believe returning the participants into their own village during the
training, incorporated the whole village into the training and emphasized
the urgent task of returning and putting plans into action.  This seems to
have had added a small amount of pressure on the women to really know what
they are talking about.  Every day since the beginning of the training we
have allotted an hour and a half for recap and revision where trainers,
become trainees and two sets of participants go in front of the group to
recap the lessons of the day.  Asking the ladies to present everyday allows
them practice time to build their confidence to speaking in front of a
group.  The reality was also fitting in that we (the trainers and I and two
representatives from the Ministry of Health, the chief of development Mr.
Ohonou, and a few others) were unfamiliar and so these women had to really
summon their courage to stand up and speak.  

We had breakfast and then returned to our lessons.   Djoumai and Amen both
continued with sanitation and hygiene, toilets, Econ-San and VIP and then a
general review to further tie in all loose ends. Our goal is for our
participants to assimilate this information given to them formally, into
their own realities and connect the dots and embraced new behavioral changes
that will benefit them.

I must say that the women are proud of what they have learned and of
themselves.  There is a new feeling in the group of familiarity and real
comradery.  Now, I am seeing, the participants helping each other in their
lessons.  Afi Abalo is a star; she is going to help bring about some amazing
changes in her group.  I am also very confident about Amina Adoh: the woman
has a grace and simplicity with a readiness to laugh that is both disarming
and effective.  Ms. Adoh is able to relate to everyone easily because she is
this way.

By the end of the third day, it was apparent that our participants were
coming into their own, they were now feeling comfortable with our initiative
and the subject matters of our training and were excited about the coming



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