Make a Connection. Open Avenues. Become a Bridge.


Building Community Bridges, Inc. (BCB) is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to raising the quality of life in disadvantaged rural villages in West Africa through water/sanitation, education and health initiatives. Our goal is to empower rural populations to utilize technology and innovation towards effecting endogenous change that facilitates capacity building and the cultivation of self-reliance and self-sufficiency.

We are founded upon a reflection of truth that “dignity” is a natural and elevating part of humanity. The innate human instinct is not only to survive but also to experience happiness, peace and the possibility to better one’s condition in life.

By strategically connecting rural populations with international communities, BCB becomes the “bridge” that connects this underprivileged demographic with technological resources. By creating grassroots strategies with our constituents to proactively address their own issues, we help foster a restoration of dignity and pride to indigenous cultures that translates into empowered communities.

Please visit our website at or e-mail us at

Thank you!


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