Make a Connection. Open Avenues. Become a Bridge.


11 Days to Raise $4000 dollars to be Match by the Segal Family Foundation!

We are so empowered by this challenge.  Besides helping us to raise funds it is also teaching my team and I the necessity of repeating a message to reach our audience!  We have just completed an amazing solar energy water pump the first of its kind in the Plateaux Region of Togo!  Support our activities as we bring clean water to the most remote villages in Togo.  I wish I could somehow  have you all come here and go into the field and talk with these women, men and children!  Your lives would be forever changed.  Join me and BCB in building bridges!  Are you a builder?  Please make a $50 dollars watchable donation

African Women Rising

After a Wash meeting in the village of Koussougba, the women are ready to get to work!