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BCB is back on the rise!

I know that it has been a while since BCB’s last post. After a one year and a half of repose to regroup, focus on individual team member’s personal growth and reorganize, BCB has returned back to the stage of change-making in the lives of rural communities, in West Africa.

BCB has spent the last 6 months recruiting outstanding volunteers and members to continue its development work in West Africa. BCB now has an outstanding board of directors from various backgrounds, with dedication and commitment to BCB’s mission, who are passionate about impacting change in the lives of villagers in Togo. We are excited about our progress. So much more to come….


Happy New Year!! BCB returns back to the Land of Blog

SOOO much to come with BCB.
First, Happy New Year to all in the land of blog and beyond. This new year 2012 is going to be one of the rising…. 🙂 the rising of the Bcb’s Phoenix! Stay tuned for more.